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What does it mean to be a conservative?

November 12, 2008

I’m not really sure. I would have described myself as center-right. People tell me I have a common-sense view of things. But unfortunately, common sense isn’t. If BHO is centrist (as he claims to be) then I’m a lot farther right than I would have imagined.

What’s a “liberal”? Historically, it meant followers of the free market and the social contract. Guys like John Locke and the Founding Fathers. That’s pretty laughable today. Today’s American liberal is closer to Karl Marx, although the term retains some of its original meaning in Europe.

As a Christian, I can clearly state what I stand for by referring to the Creed–Apostle’s or Nicene, it unites Christians the world over. Furthermore, as a Lutheran, I can point to the Augsburg Confession. As an American, I can point to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Where’s the equivalent document for the conservative? I’m looking and first place is the website of the American Conservative Party.


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