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Under Assault from Both Sides

November 25, 2008

What is the threat? All good war plans begin with a description of who the enemy is–or might be. It’s called a planning assumption. In a risk analysis we then look at the threats, what the vulnerabilities are and come up with a plan to mitigate them.

Threat to what? you might ask. The threat, I believe, is a full-out assault on traditional America. Not just traditional American values–the ones many of us believe made this country great–but America itself. We’re the richest nation on earth and the richest in history. That arouses admiration is some places, but envy in many others. The barbarians attacked the Roman Empire and eventually sacked Rome for the same reason Willie Sutton robbed banks: because that’s where the money is.

Half the threat is from the Left. We saw that in the recent unpleasantness of the general election. People of the left have been successfully infiltrating our institutions for decades with their theories of “social justice,” and seeking to divide along the lines of race, class and sex. In the process they’ve perverted our sense of fairness, forced us to tolerate anything and everything, and even seek to control what we are allowed to say.

Unfortunately, that’s only half the threat. The other half is from the Islamic fascists of the extreme right. It’s one of the ploys of the Left to brand anyone Conservative as “extreme” but of course it’s not true: the real extremists of the Right are the Islamists who seek to remake us in the image of Iran and other 6th century cultures. They have advanced more deeply than most realize. Read the ACT! for America blog and be very afraid.

Can we overcome both threats and remain the strong center-right country we have always been? I don’t know. In World War II we chose to fight the Fascists first, allying ourselves with the Soviet Union. The Cold War followed and we fought the Left with some assistance from the Islamists in Afghanistan who now oppose us. Can we take on the resurgent elements from both the Left and the Right and win?

Stay tuned.

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