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The Key Lesson from Mumbai

December 6, 2008

As we begin to see the full picture of what happened in Mumbai last week, one key lesson should be clear: the Islamic extremists did it simply because they hate us and they could pull it off.

It wasn’t because of what India and Pakistan were doing in Kashmir. That’s been going on since partition in 1947 and has been “supervised” by the UN for almost as long. That’s an excuse. If they can raise tensions between the two nuclear powers, so much the better.

It wasn’t because of what the very small Jewish community might have been doing in Mumbai either. Well, actually it might have been part of their goal. The Jewish community center they attacked were performing good works–and apparently serving both Jews and non-Jews indiscriminately. Can you imagine? They can’t. If the Jews of Mumbai were doing anything that made them look selfless and humanitarian, they had to be stopped.

It wasn’t because of anything we did. They specifically targeted American and British tourists, asking for passports. Can there be a clearer indication of who they were after? The massacre of innocents is what terrorism is all about. Keep us home. Stop us as individuals from interacting with the wider world. Then they can tell the masses in the world what we’re like and those listening have nothing to compare to.

Why from Pakistan to India? Again, because they could. Pakistan has been seriously compromised by Saudi money and Taliban and Al Qaeda influence. Regardless of what you read in the uninformed liberal press, Musharraf and military rule was good for Pakistan. The PPP may be able to keep the extremists at bay, but only with our continued help and support. So a seaborne assault on India from Pakistan was brilliant on several levels.

We are good at fighting the last threat. We’ve got the airplane threat down. We search little old ladies in wheel chairs as if they’re terrorists. That’ll stop ’em, all right. Our mindless, fascist-like overreaction is exactly what they want. Way to go DHS. Meanwhile the borders are wide open and the terrorists who pulled off this attack in Mumbai got their initial training right outside of Washington, DC.

I suspect most Americans just want to be left alone in peace. That’s not going to happen. As Brigite Gabriel makes clear in her books, these extremists will not stop until either they have achieved world domination for Islam or they’re all dead. Every last one. Every terrorist in Guantanamo. Every radical imam. Every terrorist financier. Every suicide bomber. Every recruiting ground and training camp and radical madrassa and mosque must be shut down. Every Muslim in the world must understand that peaceful coexistence is the key to survival for us all.

Does Barack Hussein think either he or Hillary Clinton are going to be able to talk them out of their jihad? If so, he’s dumber or more naive than even I give him credit for. BHO is right about one thing, though: it’s going to take more than military might to overcome this threat. It’s going to take an iron will and a determination at least as strong as theirs. The kind of will that defeated Nazism in World War II and Soviet-style communism in the Cold War.

Do we have that kind of will? I pray we do.


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