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What does it mean to be a conservative – redux

December 8, 2008

Some weeks ago I posed that question rhetorically (as it turns out) and haven’t come to a firm conclusion as yet.

In response to a Dick Morris column this morning, Don Bates of TN writes:

“…I do not believe that the policies that Democrats have been for and, presumably, still are for, is in the best interests of the future of the country. Therefore, I still hope for a revival of conservatism: low taxes, decreased government spending, common sense in regulation, control of illegal immigration, ethical behavior by politicians and other leaders, reform of public education, fairness and balance in higher education, fewer out of wedlock births, fewer abortions. But we do not seem to have any conservatives-most of the Republicans are not conservative and President Bush was not except in defense of the country.”

Not a bad start. It seems pretty common sense to me. But alas, common sense isn’t common.


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