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Destroyed from within

December 16, 2008

In the Spanish Civil War, the Republican (leftist) General Emilio Mola, as he approached Madrid with four columns, proclaimed that he had a fifth column inside the city.

In the end, Mola’s fifth column did not deliver the city to the Republicans and Franco’s Nationalists won the civil war, a bitterly-fought left versus right conflict. But Germans in the Sudetenland delivered Czechoslovakia to Hitler and Muslims in Lebanon backed by Iran overcame the Christian majority to take over that state.

Al Qaeda has not been able to follow up on it’s devastating attack on 9/11 with similar attacks in the US. We took notice. The Bush administration took an aggressive policy toward attacking Al Qaeda infrastructure. But meanwhile, Islamists have been subtly and slowly building their fifth column in the US, taking advantage of our tolerance and diversity laws.


  • Shariah-compliant financing by AIG and US Treasury-department sponsored seminars on shariah financing
  • Muslim chaplains in the US Armed Forces
  • US Post Office-issued “Eid” holiday stamps
  • A Muslim congressman from Minnesota sworn into office with a Koran
  • Agitation by Muslim workers for “prayer breaks” and company-paid Muslim holidays

None of this existed in 2000.

The Left has bitterly criticized the Bush administration’s “failed policies of the last eight years” but this is one area they have been silent about. All Americans, left, right, and center need to be very concerned.

Read Brigitte Gabriel’s books and her ACT! for America website. Be aware. There’s no one from the outside who’s going to come in and save us. We have to stand up and save ourselves.


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