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Do you want Obama to succeed?

January 29, 2009

You’ve probably seen this by now: Ann Coulter’s column on the inauguration titled “More Boos than Balls.”

In it, Ann asks the question I’ve heard a lot lately: don’t you want Obama succeed? We’re supposed to be the loyal opposition, emphasis on the “loyal” part. People tell me: If he fails, we all fail. We should want him to succeed. The left certainly believe that. I’ve kind of almost bought into that. But not really.

The truth is, I don’t him to succeed with his socialist, collectivist agenda. While he’s staring off into the distance like a living statue of Lenin, I want him to fall flat on his face. I want something to wipe that smug look off his face.

I just haven’t said it out loud; when asked the question, I’ve mostly just pondered the answer. Ann has the answer. People say Ann is outrageous. God bless her, I agree that she is!

I hope somebody asks me that again.


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