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Why the Left has been so angry since 2000

March 4, 2009

I’ve just figured out why the left in this country was so angry in 2000 and why they hate former President Bush so much. The pieces fell together for me this morning when I heard Laura Ingraham say on the radio that Obama and the Democrats are modeling their party on the (failed) British Labour Party.

That’s what the Democrats did in 1992 when they restructured the delegate votes in their primaries to give power (votes) to labor unions and Democratic incumbents (the so-called “super delegates”). They call it the Labour Party in the UK for good reason.

They worked at strengthening their base when the Clinton administration pushed the Community Reinvestment Act and lending to essentially unqualified buyers; when Clinton signed the motor voter bill, the floodgates were opened to fraudulent registrations.

They set up ACORN to mobilize these potential new voters and hired a newly-graduated lawyer from Harvard, Barack Obama, to train ACORN operatives in Alinsky-style “community organizing.” Obama took to his task like a duck to water, immersing himself in Chicago politics and joining the Rev Wright’s radical church–not because he is a Christian or even to prove himself one, but to become part of the radical left scene.

They thought they had 2000 wired. The circus they created around the Florida vote count showed how little respect they have for the Constitution and when the Supreme Court of the United States ruled against them, they were furious. They felt the election was rightfully theirs and it had been stolen from them. They focused their hatred on the victor, George W. Bush.

Then came 9/11 and the war on terror. In 2004, they nominated what I would call an “establishment leftist,” John Kerry. Good choice from their perspective, but in the middle of the War on Terror, Kerry’s anti-war record didn’t play well with the American people and they were foiled again. Now they hate the war as well.

From 2004 to 2008 they seethed with anger and took every opportunity to bash both the president and the war. Supported by an anti-establishment press, they continued to tell the American people that we were on the wrong path. In 2008 they nominated an even further left candidate, Barack Obama, so untried and untested that no one could criticize anything he’d ever done. He hadn’t done anything. And if anyone tried to point out his leftist politics, they called that person a racist. After all, this messiah is black. “I won’t be Swift-boated,” he said.

And he wasn’t. They finally succeeded in sweeping into office. The dark years of defeat–“the last eight years” as they love to say–are now behind them and it’s now full speed ahead to the Socialist Utopia they’ve been dreaming of. Vast left-wing conspiracy? No. Calculated plan.

All the pieces of this plan have been in the public domain for some time. Everything they say makes sense in the context of their thought process and their world view. But I’ve never seen it laid out in a logical, orderly fashion–and the above is just a skeleton outline.

You read it here first.

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