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Liberals Lie

March 31, 2009

Has an alliterative ring to it, doesn’t it?  And it is true.

Today conservative blogger John Hawkins writes about how Liberals lie about Conservatives.  It’s brilliant–a must-read.  I, too, have been frustrated by the seeming inability of conservatives to get the word out to the American people who, if they had all the facts, would largely agree.

The biggest lie Liberals tell, however, is about themselves.  They are not, in fact, liberal.  Liberalism is an English political philosophy started in the 17th century by the likes of John Locke (namesake of the Lost survivor).  The Founders were true liberals.  Liberals opposed the tyranny of the Crown and of the Parliament itself.  True liberalism supports freedom over the tyranny of the right.

People in this country who call themselves liberals are really Marxist socialists, followers of Marx, Engels, and Lenin.  These are the people who gave three Academy Awards to the 1981 movie Reds, the story of American communist John Reed, who went to Russia to fight for the Bolsheviks post-1917.  They consider themselves “democrats” but in the end they have always become tyrants–tyrants of the left.

I glad to hear that they are beginning to drop the liberal label but the label “progressive” fits them no better.  But you see, they can’t tell you who they really are.  They’re addicted to lying.  They are true believers in their cause and the end of socialist utopia justifies any means necessary to get there.

Incidentally, Mark Levin’s new book, Liberty and Tyranny, discuses these differences and more.  Here’s a guy who has great knowledge of Western political thought.  I highly recommend his book.  I picked up the last copy at an airport bookstore and was the envy of another customer over who missed seeing it.

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