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Tax Day Tea Party in Colorado Springs

April 15, 2009
Tea Partiers in Colorado Springs April 15

Tea Partiers in Colorado Springs April 15

It was a great day in Colorado Springs as thousands gathered in downtown Acacia Park at lunch time for a tax protest tea party.  Local talk radio station KVOR was emceed the show as local politicians, business people and grass roots organizers spoke.  There was patriotic music,  flags and lots of home-made signs.

The Care and Share was collecting food items and they had quite a haul.   They were giving blue $500 Monopoly-money bills as receipts: any more, almost as good as real dollars.  One man was handing out tea bags to the crowd and a couple of brand new grass roots organizations were recruiting.

Two local TV stations were on hand. Predictably, both downplayed the event in their reporting and on their websites.

People were smiling and happy.  I saw only one policeman: a motorcycle cop standing on the fringes next to his bike and chatting with a man, both of them pretty much oblivious to what was going on around them.  The crowd was pumped and frequently clapped, cheered, chanted, waved their flags and raised their banners and signs in response to the speakers.  The message was clear,  “Denver and Washington politicians: Ignore the people at your peril.”


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