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Atlas Shrugged

April 23, 2009

This 50+ year old book is remarkably timely today.  A friend told me this and I was simply amazed at how true it is.  I don’t think Ayn Rand was trying to be a visionary or a prophet, but she is.  Still #43 on the Amazon Best Sellers list–not bad for a book published that long ago.

Rand divides the world into those who produce and those who consume.  She calls them the creators and the looters; I like the sound of makers and takers.  The theme of the novel is to show what happens when the looters rule.  Some say that would describe America today.  I’m in that camp.

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  1. Bill Gillin permalink
    April 27, 2009 12:04 pm

    Hi Al, from a ’73 classmate. I remember reading Atlas Shrugged while in high school. Guess that makes me somewhat of a nerd/wonk. I don’t recall a lot of it, but do remember the concept of creators and looters. It does sound a lot like today. When over half of the voters realize they can “vote for themselves largess from the public treasury,” it will be hard to turn around. Let’s hope we can and have enough time.

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