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The Party of No

April 30, 2009

It makes a cute headline.  The Left is well financed and well served by a number of creative people.  But they are just flat wrong.

Take for instance a Hannity panel reviewing Obama’s first 100 days.  The liberal member (sorry, I forgot his name) stated that O’s economic stimulus policies were working because the stock market had gone up 17% since he was elected.  The Dow was in fact a little over 9000 on election day and now stands a bit over 8000.   That’s -12% in traditional math.  These people lie: I’m convinced by now that they don’t even know the difference.

So it is with the “Party of No” campaign.  The House Republicans do have a plan.  They do have solutions.  Conservatives (not necessarily Republicans) know what we want for America.  And what we don’t want.  It’s not socialism, not a lurch to the left, not bankruptcy.  Defining what you are not does help you define what you are.

The left–by now synonymous with the Democratic Party– is the real Party of No:

  • No restraint
  • No dissent
  • No toleration for ideas not theirs
  • No integrity
  • No moral standards

Ultimately, no future.  This is no way for Americans to live.


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