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A Great New Find

May 10, 2009

I’ve added a new blog link: The Black Sphere.

The conservative point of view should not be a surprise:  those are the kind of sites I want to highlight.  Nor is the fact that it’s well written.  There are lots of smart, well written blogs out there.

The thing that makes this site a stand-out for me is that the writer, Kevin Jackson, is Black.  That he’s not in the thrall of Obama and the Democrats certainly puts him in a minority position when the vast majority of Black voters reflexively vote the other way.

Why the majority of Black voters cling to the Democratic party is well beyond my feeble powers of comprehension to understand.  (OK, Blacks who wanted to vote for the “First African-American President” can be forgiven.  This time.  Not in 2012.)

But conservatism in America is not about race (another liberal lie).  Conservatism isn’t about class, race or gender:  That’s the world view of liberals.  For conservatives it’s about the ideals of life, liberty, and private property.  (See: Declaration of Independence.)  Those ideals don’t know racial boundaries.

Mr. Jackson has a book coming out: The Big Black Lie: and How I Learned the Truth about the Democrat Party.  I can’t wait.


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