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It’s California’s Turn to Fail

May 21, 2009

There’s been a fascinating unfolding of events going on in California this week.  Fascinating, that is, if you don’t actually live in California.

The govenator and the legislature worked on a spending bill and for reasons I don’t understand but heartily approve actually sent it to the voters, who soundly rejected it.  I take several important lessons from this:

  • decades ago California faced similar budget woes and legislators told the people they’d have to cut all sorts of public safety things if they (the legislature) didn’t get a tax hike.  Legislators do this all the time.  They never learn; they hope the people will forget.
  • the people said loud and clear, “no more taxes.”  Washington, are you listening?  Stop deriding tea party tax protests, you’re next.
  • Barney Frank suggests the rest of the nation ought to bail out California.  Can you imagine?  If you think people are up in arms over taxes now, just wait.

These are signs that the socialist agenda isn’t going down quite so well as Democrats had hoped.


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