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Book Review: Define Conservatism

May 25, 2009

Define Conservatism, Jonathan Krohn.  The 13-year old homeshooler defines conservatism in this quick read.

This is a nice little book for someone who really doesn’t know what conservatism in modern America is all about.  It’s less than ninety pages so you could read it in one two sittings.  He boils conservatism down into four principles and then measures specific issues and candidates against those principles.  A good technique and definitely better than the usual “the other side are a bunch of idiots” argument.  I think he tries too hard to make McCain into a conservative but others might disagree.

It makes you think and that’s always the mark of a book worth reading.

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  1. It'sme permalink
    March 16, 2010 2:04 pm

    It kind of sucked. Sorry kid. I’m sure that if you go to college and get more educated you might become a conservative ‘intellectual’ but for now… not so much.

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