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Obama’s 2009 World Apology Tour

June 6, 2009

London, Istanbul, Cairo…and a whole lot more.

I think Sean Hannity called it that last week, and Michael Ramirez has a great cartoon about it as well.  The shamelessness of this man is almost beyond belief.  During the campaign, he called you a racist if you dared use his middle name.  Now he emphasizes it.  Keep watching: things change fast.

Rush Limbaugh tore apart his catalog of “Islamic achievements” from the Cairo speech.  Fact checking must mean nothing in his administration.  Inventing the arch? Roman.  The spire?  Where in the Islamic world have you even seen a spire?  (A minaret is a round tower, not a spire.)  That’s only the architectural achievements:  When you deduct all the lies, about the only thing left is some poetry.

What he forgot to include is the lopping off of body parts as a part of religiously-sanctioned justice.  The enslavement of women and the castration of male slaves to guard them I think predates Islam in the Middle East–but since he was being generous in his attributions to Islam, once could charitably include the popularizing of those customs in the list.


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