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I agree with Pravda

June 10, 2009

In my wildest imagination, I never thought I’d ever say that.

And to be completely accurate, I’m really not agreeing with Pravda, only with an opinion piece they printed by conservative Russian blogger Stanislav Mishin, aka Mat Rodina.  This guy has some interesting things to say on his blog–we should listen.

Mishin writes that Americans are giving up our liberty and rushing toward Marxism at an alarming rate. (Apr 1 post, “American Capitalism Gone with a Wimper.”)  He’s right.  At least, that’s where the Obama government is taking us.

But tea party protests and grass roots organizing belie the claim that we’re going down without a wimper.

You can read his post on his blog.  His latest is a great piece on the global warming scam.  As I look out on fresh snow on Pikes Peak, I have to agree with him.

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