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“Birthers” ask the wrong question

August 2, 2009

I hate to use that word because it is meant as a pejorative in true Alinsky style.  Yet it’s also a convenient shorthand for those who believe Obama is not a natural-born citizen of the USA.  On that topic let me just say this: it is outrageous that a man who aspired to and ultimately achieved the presidency of the United States should withhold the simple document that proves his eligibility.  Why withhold it–and the campaign release a forged document–unless there is something to hide?

Regardless, proof-of-citizenship may not be the most important question we could ask.  Austin Hill, writing on Townhall today, raises a more important issue.  Citizen or not, it is undeniable that Obama is not a mainstream American in his outlook.  He grew up in Indonesia and viewed America as an outsider.  As Austin writes:

There’s nothing wrong with spending one’s formative years in Indonesia. But what President Obama lacks is the experience available only to those who have history and heritage in the U.S.

He doesn’t understand liberty and tyranny, taxation without representation; he doesn’t even understand the African-American experience.  “American” and “African-American” are simply attitudes and personas he has learned as an adult–and learned them from the most radical left elements of society.  At heart he is Barry Soetoro from the slums of Indonesia with third-world attitudes about a distant country called America.

In short, he may have the papers to prove he is entitled to be called an American, but he is not one of us.


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