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The Lone Offender

August 12, 2009

The headline in USA Today indicates the left is at it again–or I should say they’ve never stopped.

Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano’s report a few months ago about “homegrown terrorists” was not about Islamic extremism but about patriotic Americans who might turn in to domestic terrorists.  That report was widely criticized but she pointedly did not apologize and the article in USA Today shows that the effort to target those who oppose the administration’s views continues.  In that report, the FBI, along with the Secret Service, is said to be investigating people “who may be contemplating politically charged assaults” and justifying such investigations based on “a rising level of hate speech and surging gun sales.”

The FBI assistant director for counterterrorism said:

Finding those who might plan and act alone, the so-called lone offenders…will only be prevented by good intelligence, the seamless exchange of information among law enforcement at every level, and vigilant citizens reporting suspicious activity. [ellipses in original USA Today quote]

Here they go again requesting citizens to report on each other.  Imagine the outcry from the left if the Bush administration had tried to put together a database to seamlessly exchange information among agencies…no, wait: that did happen!  The hue and cry was loud.

Make no mistake: this was not started in response to the murder of Tiller or the security guard at the Holocaust Museum, as the article portrays in the first paragraph.  It was begun shortly after the president took office, as it says in the second.  (Doesn’t anybody edit for consistency?)

What we see revealed about the left should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the workings of leftists everywhere.  When caught in the open doing wrong, they don’t stop: they just proceed more quietly.  The longer they remain in power the more they will bend all the agencies of government to their political agenda–the goal of which is to remain in power.

Here also is revealed how hate speech is used as a weapon of the left in the war against individual liberty.

So if you’ve ever said something negative about Forty-four and bought a gun recently, you could be an FBI target.  Oops–that could be me.  Never mind that I have legitimate policy issues with the current socialist administration and a deer license to go with that gun–better to be safe than sorry!

  1. Ron permalink
    August 14, 2009 12:14 pm


    Great analysis. Thank you.

    Weren’t there some old movies with titles like “City of the Damned,” “Return of the Zombies,” etc.? Here is some evidence that these movies may have had more prophecy than fiction:

    Throughout the content at this site, to include the interrogation (as opposed to investigative journalism) on the MSNBC YouTube video, I saw no substantive arguments to counter the points made by Katy Abramson. To the contrary, most or all were designed to hatefully attack this American citizen. While Lawrence O’Donnell was calm and subtle in his interview, he was deliberately leading the witness. I’d love to give O’Donnell some of the same treatment in a public forum.

    The point of the Daily Kos article was to impugn Katy as an “organizer” and “plant.” Taking part in a voluntary assembly of like-minded citizens and neighbors is not of the caliber of “organizing” at which the left is so notoriously masterful. In our country, what Katy and her friends are doing is called the right to assemble and a first amendment right. What is the Daily Kos after all? This is a well-funded “organization” with a leftist agenda that does not hesitate to character-assassinate individuals with different views. When truth is on your side, you do not need to silence the opponent.

    Despite the anger that many of the Daily Kos reader posts generate in me, I am saddened and somewhat numbed at how ubiquitous radical programming is in our nation. The needed Jeffersonian pruning of the tree of liberty is taking shape right now: where free thinkers (not in the atheistic secularism sense) in our country do represent the sleeping giant that will do the work of pruning. They are the ones that will look incredulously at the programmed noise and simply ignore it. Over time, the noisemakers will silence themselves. When it’s time to rebuild the barn they burnt down, we know who will rebuild it. Meanwhile, the noisemakers will slouch back into the shadows. As a wise person once said, misery loves company; so they won’t be alone; and none of them . . . not a single one . . . will know and appreciate what liberty is all about.

  2. acmaurerco permalink*
    August 14, 2009 3:43 pm

    Pretty interesting: this was front page on USA Today and also mentioned in the Wall St Journal–yet this blog ranks THIRD in a Google search of the term “lone offender FBI”

    I’m not getting that many hits: does no one care what’s going on?

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