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Hands off My Healthcare

August 16, 2009

I’m hearing and reading this phrase a lot lately. Rasmussen reports yesterday that 53% of Americans say no reform is better than the one Congress is trying to ram through.  Sobering thought for those who actually think.

Symbols are powerful and I’m seeing a new one associated with this phrase: the Red Hand.  Good symbols contain layers of meaning.  For me, this symbol has several

  • the last hand I saw was a left hand
  • red, the color of the communists and of revolution
  • the hammer & sickle placed on the palm

It pretty well tells you what Patriots think of those trying to restructure America’s healthcare system into rationed, socialized medicine.

the red hand is certainly not a new symbol.  I’ve seen it on walls in southern Italy to indicate that the property is under the protection of the Mafia.  Palm readers use it too.  Maybe this whole health care debate is about voodoo health care.

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