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“False flag” event?

August 26, 2009

Yesterday there was some vandalism at the DNC headquarters in Denver.  KDVR (Fox31) in Denver reports it in the kind of factual way I’d like to see a lot more reporting done.

The reactions are interesting: Colorado Democratic party chair Pat Waak immediately attributes it to conservative opposition to healthcare reforms. Look at the image and you might agree:

But truth is often stranger than fiction.

It appears that Maurice Schwenkler, one of the two vandals who was caught, was employed by the “Colorado Citizens’ Coalition” last fall–a front group sponsored by none other than SEIU.  The left uses front groups to hide affiliations and appear bigger than they really are.

But wait–There’s more!  This guy apparently works for an organizati0n to the left of Mikhail Bakunin–one of the most radical left Marxists you’ve never heard of.  The Peoples Press Collective has some fascinating details on this whole thing.

So it’s really not an “inside job” designed to make the opposition look bad–although that in itself is another leftist tactic.  It illustrates a point I’ve made on Twitter: the administration is between a rock and hard place on healthcare reform.  Most of the country, now alerted to what’s really in the plans, are vocally opposed.  Yet the far left strongly opposes compromise because socialized medicine is a huge step toward a socialist takeover of the entire country.

Two lessons here:

First, the best thing we can do now is to keep up the pressure.  No compromise.  No further government involvement in healthcare.  Tort reform, insurance portability: things that will free the free market to work cost-effectively while retaining control where it belongs: with the individual.

Second, this whole story unraveled less than twelve hours from when it happened.  Credit goes to the Denver Police for catching one of the vandals in the act, certainly.  Equally impressive is the power of the new media to learn the truth and spread the word almost instantly.  I learned all I wrote above within about 10 minutes.

The old media is dead and with it their ability to manipulate our access to information.  If we use the new media well, another 2008 is impossible.

Is it 2010 yet?


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