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Political Correctness is far more than just speech

September 2, 2009

Every once in a while something comes along so incredibly right on target that I just have to share it.

This is the best ever.  “MSNBC & The Great Liberal Narrative: The Truth About The Tyranny of Political Correctness” from PJTV by Bill Whittle manages, in just 13 min, to take you from the failure of Marxism post-WWI to the political correctness of today.  You will see how it all ties together.

If I were still teaching political theory I would be using this in the classroom.  Unfortunately, I don’t think many of the left-leaning professors of political science today will.

Heck, I’d show it in public school instead of Obama’s back to school indoctrination speech.

Every American needs to watch this. Yes, it’s that good and that important.

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  1. Ron permalink
    September 8, 2009 8:56 am


    What is so sad about the left, is that if their ideology was superior to real Liberalism (the classic liberalism of our founders), why lie about it? It is amazing how many people fall victim to the “narrative.”

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