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Barak’s in a Hard Place

September 4, 2009

Karl Rove has a really perceptive commentary in the Wall Street Journal today. One key point he makes is this:

Mr. Obama’s problems are legion. To start with, the president is focusing on health care when the economy and jobs are nearly everyone’s top issue. Voters increasingly believe Mr. Obama took his eye off the ball.

Yes, jobs and the economy are the top issue as they were back in September 2008 when people elected him to “fix the economy.”  Remember that?  Unemployment was 6%; today it is 9.7%

But I disagree slightly with Mr. Rove on the analysis.  Voters may believe he took his eye off the ball, but this voter and newly-created activist believes his eye is firmly focused on his ball: the radical transformation of America into socialist, one-party state.

I’ve said it before–in email, unfortunately. If I’d posted it here, I’d look pretty smart.  So here’s a cut-and-paste from a July 31 email:

He’s going to keep plugging along the same path, supported and encouraged by all his groupies in the WH.  He, like most leaders in his position, is capable of setting an agenda of great change but at the same time is captive to his agenda.  And Americans are beginning to see what that agenda is and we don’t like it.

So while unemployment and the deficit both continue to rise his focus remains on the health care bill.  It is a key–perhaps the key–component of his socialist/statist agenda.  Yet while the public strongly opposes it, his party strongly supports it.  Rove again:

…if Mr. Obama jettisons the public option, he may spark a revolt within his party. The Democratic base is already grumbling and could block a bill if it doesn’t include a public option.

This puts him squarely between a rock and a hard place.  How did he get there?  Simple: the Alinsky-style “overwhelming the system” backfired on him.  As a community organizer, he’s learned how to stick it to da man.  Trouble is, he’s now da man.

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  1. Ron permalink
    September 8, 2009 8:34 am


    Brilliant commentary.

    Unfolding events have motivated me to revisit Hannah Arendt’s book, The Origins of Totalitariansim. Scary similarities: the importance of organizing, media complicity in the face of duplicity, functionaries (czars), etc. It did not take long to achieve critical mass–at that point things were irreversible.

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