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Signs from the 912 March

September 13, 2009

I saw an amazing diversity of signs and t-shirts and I snapped a few before my battery finally died.

Two young men (one to the right of the scroll) made this giant brown paper roll which said:

We the People

  • Will not be ignored
  • Will not be dismissed
  • and Will not be silenced

They collected signatures and whatever people wanted to add–I signed–and then the two of them rolled it up and carried it to Capitol Hill.

We the People scroll

We the People scroll

Nearby, these two ladies were handing out free credit cards–definitely in keeping with the times.  The Obamacard–don’t leave home without it!

Free credit cards!

Free credit cards!

PS: I didn’t get your names, but if you see this please send me your names and I’ll add them to the post.  This had to  be one of the most clever things I saw.

When the leftists call you names, don’t get mad: embrace it.

The Mob Squad

The Mob Squad

Mob of One

Mob of One

This lady, trying to get the right light to view her phone, was far from a mob of one.  While the left is busy trying to minimize the numbers, it is clear that this was the largest political gathering in DC ever.  Period.

A bunch of rednecks?  This sign puts the lie to yet another leftist propaganda mantra.  The picture is the frontispiece to the original 1651 edition of Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes–with the slight amendment of Obama’s face in the place of the Sovereign.  A literary reference most likely lost on the left, who seem to believe that political history starts with Karl Marx.



Patriots climb on the statue of General Pulaski, a Polish patriot who came to America to help fight for our freedom, then returned to his native Poland to fight for his.  Are schoolchildren even taught about him or Thaddeus Kosciusko any more?

General Pulaski

General Pulaski

This sentiment was repeated in many forms: Congress are you listening? I could hear the echoes of our chants return off the capitol building.  Unfortunately, they were not.  It was a Saturday, after all, and almost nobody was home.  One person told me their congressman had scheduled a staff retreat for the weekend.

Obama: are you listening?

Obama: are you listening?

The president, too, had flown the coop for the presumably greener pastures of Minnesota, where they’ve confirmed the election of a comic to the senate.  (Pretty appropriate, huh?)

Hey, Barack:  Since you can make a radio address from anywhere, why couldn’t you do it from the White House?

Maybe what we need is a new revolution.  One of the slogans of the Tea Party Patriots is “A Revolution is Brewing.”  Indeed it is.

A revolution needs heroes.  So far, we have  at least Sarah Palin and Joe Wilson. (There were a number of signs of support for Joe.)

A revolution needs followers.  There were 1.5 to 2 million on the ground in DC on Saturday, every single one there at their own expense.  I had a petition of support from over 1700 people who supported me but couldn’t be there–and I’m just one of that crowd.

A revolution needs symbols.  21st century Patriots have appropriated the flags, banners, and mottos of the original Patriots.  The yellow of the Gadsden Flag is the color that stands out most in the crowd photos I shot.  One teenager made a sign that said “We’re real grass–not astroturf” with a drawing of a coiled rattlesnake in that grass.

Maybe even a new flag.  The one pictured below is great: you instantly understand its meaning.

A new flag for a new revolution

A new flag for a new revolution?

The Revolution of 1776 was a conservative revolution against an out of control Parliament; the Revolution of 2009 is a conservative revolution against an out of control Congress.

May the revolutionary spirit never leave the American people!

  1. July 10, 2010 9:31 pm

    My name is Jeffrey Allan McQueen. I am a direct descendent of John “Peter” McQueen, who served in the first American Revolution from Salem, New York. I am also the designer of the flag of the Second American Revolution (actually, Betsy Ross did all the work, I just added the Roman numeral “II”).

    Our flag of the Second American Revolution is a temporary flag, not meant to replace “Old Glory” (nor could it). Our flag has come now to send a clear message to our representatives in our states and Washington, D.C.. we the people are ready for another American Revolution if they don’t stop the spending and high taxes.

    On the surface our flag symbolizes the Second American Revolution, but on a deeper level it symbolizes the House of Liberty (go to and click on the “News” tab for clarification). Some feel the Roman numeral “II” also represents the Second Amendment or the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center.

    Clearly, our flag has arrived at the right time in our history. Betsy is back! And she is mad as Hell!

    God Bless America!


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