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A Fine Thanks to Poland

September 27, 2009
General Pulaski

General Pulaski

Last week the Obama administration announced that they would not deploy the missile defense shield for Poland that we had promised last August.  Not only did they go back on America’s word–a signed agreement, actually–but they did it to appease Russian premier Vladimir Putin.

And they announced it on the day in September 1939 when Russia joined Nazi Germany in invading Poland and partitioned it, for the fourth time in history.  Iran responded today by launching two medium-range missiles (the shield was designed as a shield against rogue nations like them).

A fine thank-you for Poland’s help in Iran, where they have deployed a small but highly professional force.

A fine thank-you to Poland’s Solidarity movement, which was instrumental in regaining freedom for Poland all all of Eastern Europe.

A fine thank-you to Polish patriots Kazimierz Pulaski–whose statue is at Freedom Square in DC–and Thaddeus Kosciusko, who came to America to help fight for our freedom.

A fine thank-you to Jan Sobieski, King of Poland, who rode to the relief of Vienna in 1683 and saved Western Europe from the Turks.

It is a slap in the face of all Polish-Americans; indeed, of all freedom-loving Americans.

I hope the Polish people know that this action does not reflect the feeling of the majority of the American  people and that we’re going to change him out, first chance we get.

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