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GOP Needs New Ideas

October 6, 2009

It seems as though I read that every time I turn around.

Here’s my view: the GOP doesn’t need new ideas, they need to live up to their old ideals.  They seem to have been stung by the left labeling them as the “Party of No.”  I saw a great sign at the March on DC: “I’m not from the Party of No–I’m from the Party of Hell No!”  There’s nothing to be ashamed of in saying no to the marxist policies of the current administration or the profligate spending of Congress generally.

That said, they do need new policy ideas.  Goodness knows that from a conservative or libertarian perspective we’re in a target-rich political environment.  There is almost no end of corruption to clean up, laws to repeal and freedoms to restore.  It’s time for a general house cleaning in this country–and that includes the senate, too.

So how do politicians trapped in DC or state capitols figure this out?  John Hawkins has a few good suggestions for those inside the beltway.  I like John: Letterman has lists of ten but John can boil it down to around five.

I have another suggestion for the GOP: listen to the grass grow.  Already in March people were so angry over TARP, the “Stimulus” and the budget that Rick Santelli’s rant inspired ordinary people to start the Tea Party movement.  Then Glenn Beck inspired the 9-12 movement.  Conservative and libertarian groups are finding new audiences.  It is no exaggeration to say that a revolution is building in this country and Republicans who don’t pay attention will be swept away along with the Democrats.

Fortunately, I see hopeful signs in the GOP.  In El Paso County, Colorado for instance, the county party held an ideas summit to which they invited a whole range of people most of whom were not party activists.  The amazing thing is not that they did it, but that this is the first time they’ve done it.

There are other hopeful signs as well.  But the GOP has got to pick up the pace: the left has a 40-year head start.


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