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Never miss an Opportunity

October 12, 2009

You’ve likely heard Rahm Emmanuel’s line about not wasting a crises because it’s an opportunity to advance the radical agenda.  You probably also know that schools of journalism don’t  teach objective reporting but rather injecting a point-of-view into every story.  More subtly, the very selection of stories to report reflects political leanings.

In education, it’s the Obama praise songs, the fabricated Obama childhood stories, the Earth Day environmentalist agenda–the list goes on and on.  When I heard Bill Ayers was a professor of English, alarms bells went off.  English departments are hotbeds of radicalism.

You’ve likely also heard about the National Endowment for the Arts phone call, encouraging artists to use their talents to advance the cause of socialist consciousness.  Anyone remember “socialist realism” art?

Hollywood is getting into the act as well.  We record several TV series and in the last week I’ve seen four series inject the message of a broken health care system destroying people’s lives. To recap briefly:

  • In CSI:NY, a dying cancer patient wreaks revenge on the nurse, doctor and evil hospital CEO–the hospital is owned by a health insurance company–for cutting off his cancer treatment because his medical benefits have run out.  Please! Where in America would this really happen? Medicare, state mandates or the hospital itself would step in and pay.  Gary Sinise’s character doesn’t give the criminal any slack but the whole premise is flawed.
  • In Criminal Minds, a man goes on a killing spree when his prescription runs out and the evil pharmacist won’t give him more.
  • On the first episode of SyFi’s new Stargate:Universe series, a main character is coerced into cooperating with the government because his mother is sick and he doesn’t have a job or–you guessed it–health insurance.  By agreeing to work for the government, they in turn agree to take care of his mother.  Although the lack of health insurance puts him into this predicament in the first place, we learn government help comes with a cost.
  • The best is Timothy Hutton’s Leverage.  A moonlighting cop driving an armored car is shot during a robbery.  Never mind he fails to follow protocol and gets out of the truck: the result is that he is put on unpaid suspension from the force and he won’t be able to pay his medical bills because the evil insurance company won’t settle the claim for a very long time. (To be clear, it’s a regular insurance company insuring the jewels stolen, but all insurance companies are evil after all.)  For good measure, the cop also says that he was alone in the vehicle because the evil capitalist armored car company only uses one driver to save cost!  But wait! There’s more.  When Hutton’s Robin Hood teams succeeds in scamming the thieves and the claim is settled, they manage to “find” a bag of money to hand to the cop.

Farfetched?  Yes, but that’s precisely the point.  No matter what your profession, you’ve got to do your bit and even create an opportunity to push your socialist agenda.

Conservatives beware: just because you may seem a little paranoid these days, it doesn’t mean they’re not out to fundamentally transform America into their socialist utopia.


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