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Support Conservative Candidates

October 23, 2009

It’s all about the values that made this country great.  In this year and the next, I believe the three in my heading are the most important–and I have that in common with the Tea Party Movement.  That must be why I signed up with the Tea Party Patriots when I went to DC.  There are others as well: restoring traditional values, maintaining a strong national defense and achieving energy independence would be my next three.

It is not about party.  We need to support conservative, like-minded candidates regardless of party.  Not just Republican, but also Libertarian, Constitutional, Conservative–even Democrats if they hold the right values and have a proven track record of solid conservative accomplishments.  Take NY-23 for example.  Dede Scozzafava is an ultra-liberal in RINO clothing that the RNC is supporting.  The Tea Party Coalition (including me) support Doug Hoffman, a real conservative backed by the Conservative Party.  Dana Loesch writes about it on Big Government.  Sarah Palin has also lent her support.

I wrote just two days ago on the danger of splitting the vote and thereby allowing the radical left to win.  I’d rather see this play out in primary races.  I’m concerned about the New Jersey governor’s race.  But in NY-23 the stakes seem to be lower.  It’s a real opportunity for the Tea Party movement to make its voice heard–and for the people themselves.


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