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How to Govern

October 24, 2009

There’s a great article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal by James Taranto, quoting a theme raised by blogger Donald Sensing. It’s titled  Rules for Presidents but it’s really the subtitle that got my attention:  ” Obama tries to fight the system. One wonders when it’ll dawn on him that he is the system.”

I’ve written about this before.  It’s the idea that the administration is still in campaign mode, believing that they are the outsiders (which, philosophically, they are) who need to overcome the system Alinsky-style.

The great problem with this approach is that Alinksy tells you how to take over but not what to do once you have.  And since neither Obama nor his gang of advisors, ex-senators and radical czars have ever been executives they simply do not have the experience.

That’s why this “presidency” looks so different from any other.  They’re not governing in the interests of the American people.  Instead, they’re still trying to take over the system:  installing ideologues throughout the administrative apparatus (apparatchiks was the Soviet term), supplanting the departments  with White House czars.  In short, trying to institutionalize their belief system.  Classic Marxist  tactics.

An addition, though, they have the practical experience of Chicago politics.  How to maintain control over a voting population by buying them off, building alliances by the granting and withholding of favors.  When they’re done, they won’t be governing–they’ll be ruling.

This is what We the People get for electing an unknown; for having and supporting a compliant media; for generally not paying attention to what our politicians were doing in Washington.

2010 will be critical in restoring sanity to Congress–but of even greater importance will be 2012 when we will have to regain the White House.

Then we can begin the job of cleaning up this mess.


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