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The End Game

October 29, 2009

In a game of chess, there’s an opening, a middle game and an end game.  In the politics of the USA, the opening was the American Revolution that founded a new nation, unique at the time, on republican principles.

In my last post, I described the utopian goals of socialists of all types.  So what is it that the liberal left in this country want?  What is their end game?  What does Barack Obama mean when he says that he aims to “fundamentally transform” America?

Last time, I wrote that the aim of the utopian socialists is a perfectly just society which allows for the perfection of each individual in society.  Sounds good, doesn’t it?  This is nothing new:  Plato first explored this in The Republic over two millenia ago.  But the devil, as always, is in the details.

To accomplish this, they propose, like Marx, to unite government, society and the economy in a centrally-controlled and planned economy.  This is the ultimate goal of socialism, although they’ll never tell you that because they know you’d rebel.

Theocrats–like those of radical Islam–propose exactly the same thing, except that religion takes control of the government rather than the other way around.  Whether it is Calvin in Geneva or imams in Tehran such an arrangement is good neither for religion nor the people.

Both centralizations of power result in tyranny: the rule of the few over the many in the self-interest of the few.  Sure, they say they’re ruling in your interest.  They know if you knew the truth, you’d revolt.  We’re asked to tighten our belts and pay more taxes while the Obamas dine on kobe beef and lobster and host weekly music parties  for their friends and supporters in the White House.

There’s another dirty little secret they’d like you to be ignorant of: on the road to utopia there are going to be those who have to be sacrificed for the good of society.  Regrettable but necessary.

  • For Stalin, around 20 million deaths in the 1930s
  • For Mao, 40 million, half in the “Great Leap Forward”
  • For Hitler, 5 million in the death camps

(A very useful study of 20th century atrocities is found here.)

Collectively, Mark Levin  calls these believers in state power–be they theocrats, socialists, or simple tyrants–“statists.”  History shows us again and again that the end game is not the promised egalitarian utopia but rather death, destruction, slavery and misery for the masses.

Having rid the world of these tyrants in the 20th century at the cost of hundreds of millions of live, are we going to permit their re-emergence in the 21st?


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