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Senate Conservatives

November 3, 2009

I just got off a call hosted by, organized by Senator Jim DeMint.

As you may know, Sen DeMint attended the 912 March on DC where I met him and he was interviewed supporting the Tea Party protesters–one of only three or four member of Congress in town that Saturday.  He has organized Senate Conservatives to support conservative candidates for the Senate in 2010.  He is a true conservative and a true Patriot.

Go to the site to find out who the contenders are and who Sen DeMint endorses at this point.  This wasn’t a fundraising call or a call in which a politician talks at people.  Also moderating the call was Eric Erickson of RedState.  Eric took quite a few quick polls to get a sense of the people on the call who they support.  (There were something like 15,000) In each of eight state races highlighted, they took calls from state residents to hear their perspectives on the candidates.  Uniformly, those opinions were helpful to me.

Unfortunately, technical difficulties resulted in me getting knocked off so that I missed the Colorado race.

I thoroughly enjoyed the concept and the call itself.  Some specifics from the call:

  • DeMint supports Rubio, who I support after learning about him and Crist while I was in Florida.  (See my Candidates page)
  • The RNC is supporting moderates much more often than I had realized–in fact, almost exclusively.

We’ve seen in  the election tonight that conservatives with traditional values win.  It’s what the people want.  NY-23, win or lose, shows that the power of the people is greater than the power of the RNC.


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