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A Victory in NY-23

November 5, 2009

The Democrat candidate Hughes won the election in NY-23 Tuesday night.  That’s not really the big story.  He will have a year in Congress before the 2010 general election–and the primaries are right around the corner.  He ought not get too comfortable.

The really big news is that a third party conservative candidate nearly brought off an upset.  Outmaneuvered by Dede Scorzafavva in the caucus, Doug Hoffman ran on the Conservative Party ticket.   Initially supported by a Tea Party organization, he was subsequently endorsed by prominent conservatives and ultimately the RNC.  Tea Partiers campaigned for him on the ground.  He raised funds from independent-minded conservatives.  This graphic from shows how he surged from dead last to almost win.

We can’t be too angry with the RNC: they backed the candidate that the local party did.   Unfortunately, Republican organizations at all levels have too much tendency to back the middle-of-the-road candidates these days.  I see hope in Sen DeMint’s Senate Conservative organization which is seeking to find and support conservative candidates for the US Senate in 2010.  Tea Partiers are looking primarily for fiscal conservatives everywhere.

People have been lamenting for almost a year now that the GOP has lost it’s way.  It does not look likely that it will find it’s way any time soon.  But the lesson of NY-23 is that grass roots activism, much of it outside the party structure, does know the way and can lead the country in the right direction.

We will support and vote for conservative and libertarian candidates who make sense, regardless of what party name they run under.

  1. November 7, 2009 1:40 am

    The “American Economy,” is no longer small individual enterprises of rugged individualists competing to become bigger than they were!
    To survive and compete in todays global market, you have to lose your individualist identity, and become a part of a large conglomerate, a Global Multi National Corpotation. You have to become a part of a global enterprise that is larger and more powerful than most governments, in order to be a player in the world of “Free Enterprise!”
    You can believe that you are a small businessman opperating a small business and that you and your kind are the foundation that makes America great. You can believe that, and the world will continue to laugh at you. You Libertarians are lost inside the no longer existing past! Wake up and face our present day global reality.
    Every educated person knows, or should know, that everything on the planet is structured to evolve so as to survive inside a changing environment. If anything or anyone does not or cannot make a necessary adjustment to a changing environment, that what exists will no longer be able to exist into the future!
    Capitalism has grown into the stage of “Globalism,” because it is the only way that capitalism can evolve and grow, and not die and not realize it’s full potential.
    Capitalisim cannot move back into the way it was during the early history of America, just like a old man cannot recapture his youth.
    If you allow yourself to view the world scientificaly, you cannot help but come to the conclusion that the only possible alternative to a Free Market Economy is a Controled Market Economy, and the only possible alternative to a “World Controled Market Economy is a “World Planned Market Economy” that is designed to profit the entire planet without discrimination!

  2. acmaurerco permalink*
    November 7, 2009 9:18 am

    This is a great comment because although it doesn’t apply directly to the blog post it does show exactly the attitudes and beliefs of the socialist left who are trying to “fundamentally transform” this country.

    Marxism has always been “scientific socialism” and they have always believed that the march of history and progress is towards the utopia envisioned in the last paragraph.

    If you follow the blog link at the end you will find that the economic transformation is followed by a social transformation in which “you can create a new type of individual that has a new human nature.”

    These premises are fundamentally flawed.

    Globalization and government-controlled economy has not caused equality and never will. It just creates drones where free men used to exist.

    Most importantly, however, you can’t re-create human nature. The scientific view of human nature leaves God out of the picture. We are flawed, yes–but we have the divine spark of the Creator within us. That’s what we use to make ourselves and our society better.

    I think despicable has been watching too many Star Trek episodes. Thanks for sharing, comrade!

  3. December 1, 2009 6:24 pm

    David Keene has provided a similar analysis of the NY-23 election on Human Events with much more background than I provided above. Well worth the read.


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