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Teller County Tea Party

November 7, 2009

I attended a Teller County, Colorado Tea Party this afternoon in Woodland Park.  The subject was the current health care bill.  Featured speakers were Michelle Morin of the Coalition for a Conservative Majority (Colorado Springs) and Jeff Crank from Americans for Prosperity.  At least 250-275 people were present in the Culture Center; five or six pro-health care protesters drove up from Colorado Springs.  I saw one woman with two signs: I guess they couldn’t round up enough people.

Michelle emphasized the need for conservatives to build networks–to go viral in spreading the word and educating citizens about what is going on in this country.  The biggest problem is not tort reform or the public option: the biggest problem is that the Democrat-controlled Congress  is treating the Constitution as if it’s irrelevant.  Republican legislators give legitimacy to the bill be even debating it’s contents.  (I’ve written previously about the Democrat leadership being unable and unwilling to defend it’s constitutionality.)  We must simply Kill the Bill, as Tea Partiers in DC chanted Thursday and again today.

Here’s a list of things conservatives must do:

  • Build the networks–link organizations, combine efforts
  • Inform and educate the public
  • Find sound conservative candidates
  • Mobilize support
  • Go viral

The full text of Michelle’s speech can be found on her blog.

Jeff Crank focused on the parts of healthcare that really do need reform such as tort reform, and healthcare portability both in terms of taking your healthcare with you when you change jobs and also being able to choose from plans across state lines.

Last Tuesday showed clearly where the American people stand.  Spending only $9M to Corzine’s $30M, Christie won in a very blue New Jersey.  Crank provided similar stats for Virginia.  He said it is the moment of truth for the Democrats: are they going to listen to their party leadership or the American people?

The handwriting is on the wall.  They need a Daniel, not a Saul.


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