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More thoughts on Political Correctness

November 15, 2009

Yesterday I wrote about political correctness.  That prompted some Tweets from a friend about a radio exchange on the Kaplis & Silverman show on KHOW (Denver).  The “controversy” at hand started with a Tweet by Colorado State Senator Dave Schultheis something to the effect that Obama is flying the the United States straight into the ground and it’s time to roll.  (I don’t have the original Tweet–I’m sure it was better written by Sen Schultheis.)  Listen to the aggrieved Craig Silverman badger caller Rich:

What I hear happening is a faulty but common approach by the left to silence opposition.  Remember, the original analogy was the familiar 9-11 one in which the pilot at the controls of the airplane is driving the plane into the ground and we must take action to stop it.  The progression looks something like this:

  1. Criticism of Obama’s policies is equated to criticism of the man
  2. Criticism of the man is in itself sacrilege.  The critic is put on the defensive because Obama is the sitting president, if not the Messiah.
  3. Criticism of the man is equated with a threat of physical harm.  To stop the policies or the man, the critic must intend violence.
  4. Only possible conclusion: the critic must be a right-wing nut job extremist.

Since when can’t the president be criticized without calling into question the critic’s motives? (Hint: January 26, 2009)  Since when is physical violence the only way to change policy in America?  If that is true, it says a lot about the mentality of the left.  Are they saying that only physical violence will stop them from the path of destruction they are on?  Is there “controversy” about using the 9-11 analogy because it hits close to home?

I know Sen Schultheis, as does Rich.  Clearly that Tweet was meant to be a wake-up call, a call in 140 characters or less to get up off our couches and take action to change the course we’re on before it’s too late.  That kind of speech isn’t politically correct–even Kaplis bought into  not using 9-11 analogies–but it’s already too late for the left.

We’re awake and we’re not going to just sit down and color while the plane is hurtling toward the ground.  We’re going to take over the controls and bring it in for a safe landing.


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