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The Left continues to obsess about an Obama assassination

November 19, 2009

It just gets weirder.  There are some (I think) humorous emails and bumper stickers going around referencing Psalm 109:8:

May his days be few; may another take his place of leadership.

Good for a chuckle–especially when considering the Constitutional line of succession–unless you’re a committed leftist.  The Huffington Post reports on this “latest…thinly-veiled..death threats.”  I wrote about this on September 18: only Republican presidents get shot.  Curiously, the National Archives piece I looked up refers to Lincoln and McKinley being “shot”; only Kennedy was “assassinated.”  Be that as it may, they all died of their wounds.

In the late 1980s my wife was working in the county library system in Maryland.  One day a young man offered the observation that President Reagan “deserved” to be shot because he was taking away “our welfare rights.”  You see, the left thinks in those terms.  The idea that conservatives would do the same is another case of the myopic mirror-imaging that the left engages in.

When do conservatives commit physical, political violence?  Discounting the Revolution itself one could start with the Whiskey Rebellion against taxes under Washington and include John Brown’s Raid against Harper’s Ferry in 1859.  After that?  Don’t think so.  Let me know if you can think of any.

All the riots, intimidation and thuggery lately has been perpetrated by leftists such as ACORN and SEIU, both strong Obama supporters (and vice versa by the way.)  Is this obsession with “right-wing extremists” a way of daring conservatives to respond?

I’m beginning to wonder.  Well, we will respond: at the ballot box as we did this month and will again in 2010.  Until then, we’ll just pray.  And I’m really glad to see the left quoting Scripture.

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