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What is the next step?

November 23, 2009

In the wake of the senate vote Saturday night, it’s a fair question to ask.  The People are against the Democrats’ health care bill by the widest margins ever: 38% to 56% according to a Rasmussen poll released today.  There has never been a majority in favor of it and the more people find out about it the less we like it.

Yet the Democrats seem not to care in the slightest.  Their idea, communicated back in January, is “We counted in November and we won.”  They imply they are free to do whatever they want.  In a parliamentary democracy that may work:  The voters typically endorse a party and it’s platform which it then enacts.  In this country, however, the Constitution limits what any party may do.  We also have a tradition of compromise and bipartisanship often lacking in parliamentary systems like Italy and Israel where smaller, ideological parties struggle to form and maintain majorities.

It should be clear to the American people by now that the Democrats have changed the game and have an agenda that has nothing to do with creating jobs, fixing the economy, or fighting the war on terror.  The things Americans thought they were voting for have taken a back seat to a so-called “Stimulus” bill, health care legislation, cap-and-trade and any number of initiatives designed primarily to ensure they never get voted out of office.

If you thought the Republicans under Bush spent too much and infringed on liberty, you have to really hate the Democrats under Obama.  Remember that the Democrats have already been in control of Congress for three years;  they just didn’t put on the full-court press until the people unwisely removed the threat of a presidential veto.


We the People really messed up.  We weren’t paying enough attention and the Democrats pulled a fast one.  We don’t seem to be eager to trust the Republicans again either.  What to do?  Here’s one billboard’s answer:

People and businesses have been keeping their money.  Unfortunately, with government able to print as much as they want, number one won’t be enough.  Vote out the incumbents?  That will help but the politicians have gerrymandered their districts so much that most seats are pretty safe.  We’ve tried all manner of peaceful protest.  Peaceful protest works against an essentially moral government–such as Britain in India–but is pretty powerless against an immoral one like Nazi Germany or the USSR.  Which are they?

What form will the next step take?   The left seems to be subtly telling us that only a revolution will stop them.  I don’t know what is next, but I do agree with the billboard and the State of New Hampshire.

Live free or Die.


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