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Democrat Strategy for 2010

January 12, 2010

Salena Zito has an interesting commentary on Townhall regarding the Democrat’s strategy for 2010.  You knew they had to have one, right?  Here it is, from her post:

Says a Democratic insider who was intimately part of the 2006 and 2008 national gains for his party: “I think the overarching message needs to be populist in nature and reaffirm to voters experiencing the greatest economic anxiety (that) ‘We hear you, and we aren’t going to let corporate America” – such as big banks or credit-card companies – “exploit consumers after we just bailed them out.’ ”

Wow.  That’s it?  That’s supposed to appeal to millions of people disaffected by rising taxes, high unemployment and rampant socialism?  We’re not going to let big bad business exploit you.  I guess where you stand still does depend on where you sit.  If you’re in the socialist camp and believe that the ongoing crisis in the economy is the result of big, bad capitalists, you’ll buy into that.

But if on the other hand you know that the financial crisis was precipitated by government interference in the housing market, made worse by bailing out those institutions and continuing the interference by pouring taxpayer dollars down the black holes of Freddy and Fannie–well, this strategy doesn’t quite work.  It seems to me a lot like medieval doctors putting leaches on sick patients and when they don’t get better prescribing more of them.  (Don’t laugh: under Obamacare, that treatment might come back!)

But wait: there’s more!

“More importantly, I think we fight for a few very specific items that the Republicans attempt to obstruct, so that these can be used as rallying cries for the fall elections,” the strategist says.

So in addition, they’re going to vilify those Republicans who opposed, for example, health care.  If I were running I’d say, “Go ahead, throw me into that brier patch!”  Call me crazy but I’d like every potential voter to know that I oppose nationalized health care, cap-and-tax, bailouts, amnesty for illegals and every form of unrestrained spending a politician can dream up.  I’m not from the party of “No!” I’m from the party of “Hell, no!”

If that’s their A-game, it’s going to be a tough year for Democrats.  Which might be why we’re already seeing a wave of retirements.


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