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The Arrogance of Colorado House Democrats

January 28, 2010

A guest post by Don Rodgers, Pikes Peak 9-12

Yesterday, hundreds of small business owners, citizens, mothers and fathers concerned about the future stood before the State House Finance Committee and many gave first hand accounts of what eliminating the business tax exemptions will do to them. Government’s answer to them and to us? Your taxes are too low in Colorado. No matter your financial situation, no matter how hard you are struggling to care for your family, you are not taxed enough. Your taxpayer’s rights under the law are suspended because, as stated by Rep Judd, “they need the money now.”

For the last year, we have fought the arrogance and elitism of a Congress that was set to declare themselves rulers of America. We fought, we stood up and we beat them back.  Now Washington must hide their agenda behind more lies and deceit, but they know we are awake and many have learned the lesson that the People are the real power. The Progressive cancer of arrogance and elitism that has infected Washington has clearly infected Denver.  Make no mistake: these Progressives will sell our State Sovereignty to Washington at the first hint of federal money and control.  It’s time to begin to rid Denver of this cancer.

It is time to call out a state government who dares tell a citizen explaining why they will have to lay off workers that, “We don’t have anything else to cut”.  A government that knows that $10 million in taxpayers blood and sweat is spent for full-time benefits for part-time state employees; that says, “We don’t have anything to cut” when $3 million is wasted to subsidize state workers to use government vehicles to commute to work.  A government that says they will just cut education no matter how much waste bleeds from the state treasury. It is time to wipe arrogance and elitism that drips from the halls of the State House clean. Last night, the President said there is a “deficit of trust” in America. It is well earned by a government that fails to listen to the real power–you.

Starting today, Denver must begin to relearn the lesson that they work for us.

The Progressive members of the House Finance Committee are:

Joel Judd District 5  Denver County

Benefield District 29 Jefferson County

Kefalas District 52  Larimer County

Kagan District 3 Arapahoe, Denver Counties

Frangas District 4, Denver County

Labuda District 1 Arapahoe, Denver, Jefferson counties

Last night, after more than nine hours of testimony, the Finance Committee had finished with only four of the 11 bills, passing all on 6-5 party-line votes led by Progressive Democrats. The bills go now to the full House. The remaining bills are still in committee.

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