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More lies and misdirection

February 1, 2010

While Obama tries to make people believe he is finally listening to their concerns, his actions belie his words.   Consider the State of the Union address: while he pays lip service to the economy,  one of his major new initiatives is to eliminate the “don’t ask-don’t tell” policy regarding homosexuals in the military.  No matter  which side of that issue you’re on, you have to wonder what moving off in a new policy direction has to do with jobs and the economy.   Where is the focus?

Secondly, it should be clearly understood by anyone not blinded by Kenyesian economics that government can’t “create” jobs.  All government can do is take money from taxpayers to redistribute it to government employees.  Such jobs create nothing–they merely consume resources.  Every time Obama redistributes taxpayer dollars the recipient is either a government bureaucrat or a union member.  Just look at the list of jobs “created or saved” to confirm that none of this money is going toward jobs that will grow the economy.

He says he’s going to save $4 million by capping salaries of his top aides–yet he has the largest, most expensive White House staff in history.  Even this $4 million is dwarfed by a new $8 billion mass transit initiative.  It seems he can’t get involved in an issue unless he can spend at least a billion dollars.

He tells us that President Bush’s budget deficits were too big but then triples the deficit.

He proposes an “across the board” spending freeze but then exempts more than 60% of the budget.

Does he think we’re all that stupid?  He must.

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  1. Bill Gillin permalink
    February 2, 2010 12:31 am

    Thanks to people like you, Al, many Americans are waking up. We are not stupid, we see thru his b.s., and we will not stand for it!

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