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Definitely not “Patriot Games”

March 1, 2010

I’ve heard about two developments on the left recently that show them playing their old deceptive games.

This first is the “Tea Party of Nevada,” formed on January 28th.  The LA Times already trumpets it as a spoiler that may save Harry Reid.  Nobody in the Nevada grassroots movement has ever heard of any of the people supposedly forming this party and half the signatures on the petition to have the party recognized could not be verified.  (Was the starting line-up of the Dallas Cowboys making another Nevada appearance?) For bringing these facts together, one must rely on the British press, the OfficialWire.   But the left is hoping to confuse some, just as with the Democratic operative who registered a tea party as a political party in Florida, which I wrote about in November.  They hope to sow doubt and confusion.

The second is the formation of a “Coffee Party.”  It is supposed to be some kind of antidote to the tea party.  If I tell you that the founder is a woman from suburban DC and she proposes getting together over lattes to discuss issues you may not be surprised. Yet the Washington Post treats this as something serious and the moral equivalent of the tea party movement. Emphathize with this 41-year old documentary filmmaker as she is:

…exhausted, overcommitted, passing whole days on Facebook, not collecting a paycheck, hopping between conference calls, sending e-mails at 4 a.m., smoothing out conflicts over strategy.

Unlike those tea party people who are the well-paid minions of…somebody or other.  But don’t take my word for it: read the Post article for yourself, if you dare.

Expect to see more of this as we head into the elections.  These are not Patriots–they are wolves in patriot’s clothing.

(Thanks to RT Michel for the tip about the coffee party.)


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