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GM Advertises against Colorado bill

March 2, 2010

General Motors is exercising its newly-granted free speech rights to air ads against Colorado House Bill 1049. The rights of course were granted in the recent Supreme Court decision Citizens United, which I wrote about on January 25.  The Court ruled that corporations have free speech rights, too.

The left howled with indignation.  I cited the Huffington Post in my previous article; this time the HuffPo was factual, not taking a stand either way.  Good for them.

And why shouldn’t a corporation be able to defend itself in a situation like this when it is being demonized by both the left and the right?  I think this is a good example of why the Supreme Court made the right decision.

As to the HB 1049 itself, it “would allow ousted dealers to recover their franchises and their most recent improvement costs more easily.” according to the Denver Business Journal.  The bill had bipartisan support in the Colorado House–and why not?  Republicans could support it as being pro-business (the local dealerships, that is) and the Democrats because, well, it attacks big evil corporations.  Win-win.

Or is it?  The Democrats oppose the GM ads in part because GM receives taxpayer money.  Another example of how taking that money leads to ever-greater government control.  And from the Democrat’s position, deceptive as well: while they now appear to side with the ousted dealers, it was widely rumored (but denied) that party affiliation and campaign contributions had a lot to do with which dealerships were cut in the first place.  Republican support is no better: people don’t like the Republicans giving special favors to business any more than they like the Democrats giving special favors to labor unions.

My position is this: show me where there is support in the Colorado constitution for this bill.  Was a contract between GM and its dealers broken? Take it to court.  Let the legislature stay out of it.


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