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The GOP and the Tea Parties

March 8, 2010

A guest post by Tres Melton of The Green Dragon Tavern

It can be deadly to focus on narrow issues and ignoring the broad strokes can be just as deadly. The GOP is more attractive to the Tea Parties and 9/21 Projects, as well as the many other liberty-oriented groups, than the Democrats are but that does not mean that their support is a foregone conclusion for the GOP.  I have researched and written about this and posted it on the Green Dragon site.

If the Republicans cannot understand the motivation for the Tea Parties then they will never be able to avail themselves of the energy their activists wield. If the GOP can’t select candidates that the liberty activists can get behind this time then they run the risk that these groups will form a third party in the next two years. Make no mistake, if they do form an alternative party, the majority of their followers will come from the independents and from the GOP. This would be devastating to both the liberty groups and the GOP and leave the socialists in power for quite some time.

I have heard it said that Obama’s election was the best thing that could have happened to the GOP as it has motivated them to action. It has caused them, to a lesser degree than it should have, into introspection of their philosophies and ideals. It has pushed the independents that are not socialists away from the liberal/progressive policies of the Democratic Party and given them cause to look again towards less government. These are all good things and opportunities not to be squandered.

We need to adopt a platform for the party, resolutions, and candidates that can attract these new people. The support of these newly-minted liberty groups is not a certainty but what is a certainty is that the opposition of these groups would be devastating.


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