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Two Democrats on an Escalator

March 15, 2010

Tuesday is caucus night in Colorado.  We’ve been working toward this for months and I’m really excited to see it go well.  This is when we begin to pick those candidates who will replace the leftists in Denver and Washington.

No time to focus on anything else, so here’s a bit of levity. This apparently isn’t new but I’ve just seen it recently and I think it is hilarious.  I wonder who’s going to run the Democrat caucuses: SEIU? Acorn?

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  1. arthur krause permalink
    March 16, 2010 5:57 am

    I would like to apply for a grant:
    Funded by either Tarp or Porkulus funds.
    1) To find out the lasting mental effects of this trauma, on various members of our society.
    2) What funding should be provided to compensate the victims of these disasaters
    3) Would it help if a goverment panel could be set up to investigate the failure of private
    enterprise to alert the public of the danger in these situations?
    4)Could another czarist position be set up at the right hand of “the anointed one”.

    My qualifications for this grant include (but are not limited to)
    1)PHDS Haaaavvvvaaaaddd. (thats PH Dumb S*^>
    2)Tax cheat – owe over 100,000 (slightly behind Tim but close)
    3)My back is still wet from crossing from Taco Land.
    4)And yes “I have never been proud of America”
    Please mail chump change ck of at least 1 million to get started, I know, I know who counts only a miiion? To: Massud Abassas Phoenix Flight School- Bomber division Phoenix Arizona.. Praise Allah! .. Thank You

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