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Election Fraud in the Making

April 5, 2010

Here’s one every American should oppose, regardless of political affiliation.

HB10-0917 is about to be introduced as a late bill in the Colorado legislature–thus limiting debate and hopefully sneaking it in under the wire. It will give Colorado an election system that any dictator in a banana republic would be proud to own.  It provides for:

  • Same-day voter registration. This allows busloads of election-day registrants – a process that opens the door to vote fraud; Even worse, Colorado has no photo identification protection, and Colorado voters overwhelmingly rejected this several years ago.
  • Organizations can take mail ballots from voters, hold them for ten days, and then deliver them. This is a gift to ACORN and the unions, who can now take ballots from voters’ homes and control them for ten days. Of course, organizations cannot “persuade” voters how to vote – but this bill conveniently leaves out any penalty for violations. And the fine for late — or no — delivery? A whopping $50 per day!
  • Voters can now vote twice – once by mail ballot, and once in person. Theoretically, election officials are supposed to cancel the mail ballot, but in practice, they begin counting mail ballots 15 days before the election. Election judges must allow the second vote, even if they know that the earlier mail ballot was already counted.
  • One partisan judge can approve signature verification on a ballot, even if the other judge disagrees — and even if an automated signature verification machine can’t verify the signature match.
  • All-mail ballot elections, unless citizens go through a difficult process to opt-out. Say good-bye to the option of voting at your precinct (or vote center) on election day.

This is simply outrageous. It is being sponsored by Speaker of the House Terrance Carroll – (SD-7). Please contact him at:


to let him know that this bill has nothing but fraud to recommend it.

Secretary of State Bernie Buescher reportedly has had a hand in crafting this.  Contact his office at:

Main Secretary of State switchboard: 303-894-2200
The Secretary of State Elections Division: 303-894-2200 x 6307
The Secretary of State Elections Division’s FAX : 303-869-4861 (FAX)

Finally, please contact the Clerk and Recorder in your county and your state legislator:

Call your Clerk and Recorder
Call your State Legislator

This bill has nothing to recommend it and much to condemn in it. By acting now, these elected representatives of the people of Colorado will know that we care about the integrity of our elections.

  1. April 7, 2010 5:42 pm

    re this email: this email was forwarded to me; i did not have any awareness of of HB 10-0917 being sponsored by house speaker Carroll. I will follow-up and make the calls.

  2. April 7, 2010 7:35 pm

    Thanks for your support! We’re having an impact and the good Clerk and Recorders of this state–both Democrats and Republicans–have come out against this very bad bill.


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