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Never forget

April 5, 2010

Never forget how they voted.  And with this ad appearing everywhere on the ‘net, who can?

SEIU has apparently spend a lot of money on several variations of this ad. It even appears on Breitbart’s Big  Yes, they’re Internet-savvy and have a lot of money to spend.

It is pretty clear that Markey represents the people of SEIU and not Colorado’s 4th Congressional District. She claimed to be a Blue Dog and voted No on a couple of spending bills–all of which passed–but when Nancy Pelosi needed her vote for Obamacare, she was far from the last to sign on. Check out her voting record and her refusal to tell voters what she supports on Project Vote Smart’s Political Issues test.

That’s OK: she’s shown her true color and it is SEIU purple. The ad encourages readers to send her a message: we will. In November.

  1. arthur krause permalink
    April 5, 2010 7:45 pm

    Betsy, your vote- will help the taxicrats reach their goal of 3 TRILLION defecit in 2 years. I just hope you do not have grandkids who you expect to pay this off..
    Many years ago I saw an estimate of what uhc would cost America.. In the early 90,s it was estimated at 2-3 TRILLION per year– but that was back then..
    I had military health care as a pilot, as good as the militarty could offer.. Sorry, it is 50% of todays private health care.
    Betsy you are misguided- free makes people SLAVES, look around has the black community moved forward or are they- in their minds “victims” Why did O Fool, take away vouchers from aspiring working blacks in Washington?? Why did lady M keep poor blacks out of medical care in Chicago?? These “elites” want a subservient class that lives on goverment handouts.. YOU are backing this modern slavery.. God help you, If you really think this O Fool bill will really help anyone but Drug co,s Lawers, and misguided goverment hand me down voters.. Watch the annointed one try to answer a tax question for 17 minutes… Teleprompter anyone?? He is really dense off the cuff.. God Help America..

  2. April 5, 2010 8:01 pm

    Update: the Washington Post has an article about poor, embattled Betsy.

    My favorite quote? “But Markey, 53, said she does not think the vote puts her in any greater jeopardy and said the issue could fade by November.”

    The Post noted that:

    “Markey raised $505,000 in the first quarter of the year, according to figures released by her staff Sunday. Of that, about $355,000 came into the campaign after Markey’s March 17 announcement that she would vote for the health-care bill.”

    I wonder how much of that came from SEIU. Can you say “pay-off”?

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