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Tea Party Rising

April 6, 2010

The left was been busy this past week demonizing the Tea Party movement. It is ironic: the Alinsky tactic of finding and neutralizing the leaders hasn’t worked with this truly grassroots movement.  When it became known that Clinton and Carville were planning to isolate and destroy leaders of the Tea Party movement, the result was the website I am the Tea Party Leader. I’ll admit to being a bit technology-challenged with respect to video, so  I didn’t post one. Bur I have been called a Tea Party leader and it pleases me to have been called that, small though my role is.

Then they started making false accusations about spitting and name-calling but despite lots of video available and a $100,000 reward offered by Andrew Breitbart, no actual proof has been forthcoming. I wrote a bit about that last week in Dirty Tricks. It will only get worse.

Even though I am video-challenged, other Patriots are not.  Here’s a new video from Clifton Casida of Pueblo Colorado:

I’ll bet many are surprised that there are conservatives in Pueblo. There are.


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