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Tax Day Tea Party Speech

April 15, 2010

I was privileged today to have a few minutes to speak to the crowd at Acacia Park in Colorado Springs. I kept fiddling with the wording, but for those who weren’t there, this is awfully close to what I said:

Good morning fellow Patriots! It’s a great day to be an American.

About 160 years ago, my ancestors came to this country. Most of them had nothing–just money for the journey and a dream. The American Dream.  They built farms and businesses, families and communities.

They and millions other like them did it all without a massive federal bureaucracy.

Are  you Taxed Enough Already?  Well I have some bad news for you: the federal government is going to raise $2 TRILLION dollars more in taxes next year.

Every 10 seconds a child is born in America and every 11 seconds the Debt Clock ticks over another $1 million dollars. Our country was conceived in Liberty: our children are being conceived in debt. Give us Liberty, not Debt.

Almost 70 years ago, my father and all my uncles volunteered to serve in World War II. They helped defeat fascist tyranny.   Inspired by their example, I served during the Cold War and helped defeat communist tyranny.

But it was not enough. It’s never enough. [There are always threats to our liberty.]

Today we are again called to fight tyranny–this time an economic tyranny no less dangerous to our liberties than fascism or Marxism.

And Liberty is what this country stands for. Our liberties, our rights, do not come from Congress–not from Pelosi or Reid or anyone else. The Declaration of Independence tells us they come from God–given to us because we are created in God’s image and equal in His sight.

What Congress gives, Congress can take away. But our liberties are our birthright as Americans. All we have to do to keep them is to stand up and defend them.

This election year and every year after that let us pledge to defend those rights!
Give Denver and Washington a message: we are not going to sell our birthright for any price, for any “benefit.”

Let us go forth, with God’s help, for Liberty and the Constitution!


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