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Individual Rights

April 28, 2010

I had the opportunity to speak to the El Paso County Tea Party on April 15th and the topic of my brief speech was liberty–the liberty that we as American citizens have because our individual rights are guaranteed in the Constitution.

They are ours only so long as we stand up for them.

In 1788, Patrick Henry was a delegate to the Virginia Convention to consider ratification of the Constitution. He was not for it because he felt it created too strong a federal government; he was one of those who championed the Bill of Rights along with it.

Today the Tea Party movement advocates limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets: in short, a return to constitutional government. Why? To preserve our liberties. If nothing changes, we will surely become economic slaves to the government.

Justin Blackman writes in the same vein in an article he wrote for American Thinker, Fighting Statism. In it he writes,

Individual rights must be the rallying point for reclaiming liberty.

He provides some good examples of how both parties are taking us down the same road.  It is well worth the read. The American Thinker has long been on my list of blogs and this article is a good example of why.


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