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Arizona and Illegal Immigration: Part 2

May 5, 2010

You may have sen this photo before. It is just wrong on so many levels.

Free health care – why? It is not free for citizens, nor should it be.

Jobs with no taxes – I’d like that, too, but since we passed the 16th Amendment, taxes just keep getting higher and higher.

You owe us America! I wonder if that is a case of bad grammar: does he mean simply “You owe us, America!” as in America, you owe us these things we are demanding or is the meaning clear: we want the country known as America and you owe it to us.

Finally the violent threat. The threat of violence that is absent from the Tea Party movement. How can any civilized country stand for such a threat against the rule of law? What does it say about America in 2010 that this protester–this illegal alien who shouldn’t be here in the first place–feels he can say that and get away with it? Could he say that in Mexico? In Cuba? In Venezuela?

And free from what? Nobody forced you to cross the border and nobody is forcing you to stay. This is not some East German protesting at the Berlin Wall. What do you think would have happened to such a person?

Finally, lest you think that Arizona is picking on the poor illegal immigrant who is, after all, just looking for a better life while letting businesses who hire them off the hook, consider this: two years ago Arizona passed a law requiring businesses to certify that their employees were legal as a condition of getting or maintaining their business license.  I know, I was there with the IT people implementing it.

No country can long survive where the rule of law is ignored.

  1. May 5, 2010 1:03 pm

    I’ll bet you ten bucks this guy is not an illegal alien, but a Chicano. I’ve worked with a lot of immigrants as a lawyer and Realtor. The illegals, which in Summit County at least, represent the majority. They like to keep a really low profile. In terms of crime, it is after usually two generations that hispanics start misbehaving a lot. This is not the way Mexicans behave. In four years here I haven’t even once heard an adult or teenager say bad language or be rude.

    Our biggest problem was giving affirmative action to these folks. Now they make up a huge proportion of government bureaucrats, judges, DAs, etc. throughout the west. Because they were given a pass on low SAT and LSAT scores, we wind up with low analytical reasoning ability and verbal skills in the jobs that require them most.

    Affirmative action also bred laziness. Why strive for As when you can get into the same law school with B-s? After a couple of generations in the US, they also lost the high level of mannersm and courtesy Mexicans are renowned for.

    Why do they make up such a large proportion of the public sector? Because affirmative action ends when you leave school. Law firms are not going to put up with underperforming lawyers. Government loves the underperforming. They fit right in.

    Naturally, this is a huge generalization. It is also specific to the affirmative action era, which thankfully is largely over. One of my favorite state candidates is Robert Ramirez running for HD 29. He’s great, smart, never received affirmative action, wouldn’t want to, etc.

    I think recent arrest of Pakistani in New York shows that following the rules, and waiting in line isn’t much of a check on who should be here and who shouldn’t. We should only be allowing those from Islamic countries in who have extraordinary skills as (non-radical) scholars, physicians, etc., or women and others persecuted for opposing radical Islam.

    This loser is in marketing. Why the heck are we admitting marketers from a Taliban hotbed country? ICE is so inept it almost makes the IRS look efficient.

  2. May 6, 2010 11:49 pm

    Part II. So today, there was a story on Fox about some kids who got in trouble at a Morgan Hill, CA (San Jose area) high school for wearing American flag-logoed attire on this supposedly sacred day in Mexican History, Cinco de Mayo.

    More Chicano history revisionism. When I moved down here in 2007, I was wondering why there were no banners in the local supermarket or restaurants or bars about this alleged holiday. Most Americans think it represents Mexican Independence Day, Wrong. September 14 is Mexican Independence day. Absolutely nothing goes on in Mexico for Cinco de Mayo, nada. The day’s only significance is for a relatively small, local revolutionary battle in the state of Puebla. But Chicano students in Morgan Hill were all protesting about how the Gringo students were disrespecting them for dishonoring the sacred day by wearing US flag t-shirts.

    But May is indeed the month of a truly sacred holiday in Mexico – El Dia de las Mamas. You guessed it, Mother’s Day. Same day as in the US and it is Big. They also celebrate father’s day the same as in the US, but it’s not nearly as sacred. So it does seem as if more cross-cultural education is necessary in the US. I’m up for two-for-one margaritas as much as the next person, but maybe September 14th should become the new celebration day. These uneducated youngsters need to be protesting the low-quality tortillas and the high US lime prices instead!

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