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Immigration Nonsense in Denver

May 6, 2010

My, my were they indignant in Denver over the Arizona illegal immigration bill:

SEIU Rallies High School kids

Notice the astroturf SEIU signs. “We work for SEIU, America” is a good reading of the sign on the right. The “It Stops in Arizona” sign on the left is somewhat humorous: obviously the Arizona state law does stop there but lawyers tell me it is very closely modeled after the federal law that isn’t being enforced. Colorado has a similar state law that isn’t being enforced.

The rally got a lot of press coverage. Looks a lot smaller than any tea party rally I’ve seen:

Hey, it’s better than going to school and free t-shirts, too:

Really engaged in the protest, eh? Well, at least they’re having a good time. I guess their moms weren’t there to pick up after them. Many thanks to mom Laurie Bratten who was there to take the pictures.

I don’t think even the Denver Public Schools Superintendent, Tom Boasberg, was there. Tom is pictured at right in an official photo from the DPS website. I’m sure the photo, like the protest, wasn’t staged and Tom is just popular with the pre-teen set.

He did contribute a policy statement to the effect that DPS employees wouldn’t be allowed to travel to Arizona on official business as a result of this law. I wonder what official business takes DPS employees to Arizona?

I didn’t hear a statement about giving students a skip day.

Was there a statement about the reform of teacher tenure now in the State Senate (SB-191) ?

I guess those educational issues aren’t as important as the party’s cause of the week. In a centralized party like the DNC (Democratic National Committee) or the CPSU (Communist Party Soviet Union) all the direction is from the top and all organs of the party are expected to support the party’s policy agenda.

In case Mr. Boasberg hasn’t looked in the mirror lately, he looks to me just like another liberal white guy trying to provide his bona fides by calling other people racists. Maybe he hopes to continue following in Michael Bennet’s footsteps. I don’t know. I suspect he’s just what Lenin called a “useful idiot.”

  1. May 6, 2010 12:25 pm

    AC – My side aches I’m laughing so hard. This is sort of what I was getting at the other day in my somewhat overwraught comment. It is the the useful idiots and not genuine illegals that are behind all this. Great phot essay, and nice unmasking of the moronic DPS superinendent. He should be so proud that 30 percent of third graders can’t read close to grade level.

    I spent about 15 years in fairly political circles in San Francisco, and I got more than enough of these people to last a lifetime.

  2. May 6, 2010 9:14 pm

    Thanks, Laura: I had a great time putting that together and much credit goes to Laurie for taking the pictures and letting me use them.

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