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Colorado Freedom of Choice in Health Care

May 18, 2010

Everyone in America with a pulse knows by now that the Democrats rammed their health care bill down the throats of an unwilling American public. (Never, never, never give Democrats this much power again–but that’s another story.)

Fortunately we live in a federal republic–the first of its kind. The thirteen states that founded the federal government retained many rights for themselves and others for the people. The travesty of Obamacare is that it tramples the rights of both the states and the people. A key strategy of the left is that once passed, they believe we won’t have the intestinal fortitude to repeal it. Well, neither the people nor the states are going to sit by and take it.

In Colorado, the Independence Institute is sponsoring an initiative to put on the November ballot to amend the Colorado state constitution affirming the right of all people to have free choice of health care, prohibiting the state or the federal government to force individuals to pay for a specific health care plan. In other words: Obamacare won’t play here.

Oklahoma, which passed the bill on May 5, and Georgia have sent the bill to their governor’s desk for signature. A total of 41 states have either filed (37) or are planning to file (4) such legislation in their legislatures. The model legislation is sponsored by the American Legislative Exchange Council.

In Colorado, where the Democratic-controlled legislature was too busy passing tax increases, trying to gut TABOR, and trying to pass a voter fraud bill, a citizen initiative is under way.

As I pointed out last week, it is ironic that the Leftists in the legislature who call themselves progressives have been trying to limit citizen initiatives, a cornerstone of the Progressive Party’s platform. Perhaps this is why: having ignored the voice of the people, we will use the initiative process to put this on the ballot and pass it in November.

I’m collecting signatures in El Paso County. We need 120,000 signatures across the state. This is historic and you’ll want to be able to tell your children and grandchildren that you stood up for their freedom of choice in health care.

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  1. May 19, 2010 7:14 am

    What a great initiative from the Independence Institute! American’s are standing up and fighting back against a government that has gotten out of control. It is inspiring to see all the hard work of volunteers and every day citizens making an impact around the country! I cannot wait for November!! Thank you for standing up for us and collecting signatures here in El Paso County!!

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